Whispers of Love: Divine Presence in the Garden

In the garden of whispers, your presence entwines,

Enveloping my soul in love’s divine signs.

With every breath, your essence I inhale,

In the sanctuary of your love, I prevail.

Amidst life’s storms, your laughter soothes,

A gentle melody in love’s sacred truths.

In the tapestry of stars, your light glows,

Guiding my way through life’s ebbs and flows.

Through the labyrinth of fate, your love endures,

In your tender embrace, all doubts reassure.

In the whispers of time, your voice whispers,

A symphony of love, where my heart blisters.

In the silence of night, your whispers rise,

In your loving embrace, my soul flies.

In the canvas of dreams, your image gleams,

In your tender touch, my heart redeems.

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